All materials for the production of lingerie, swimwear and corsets, see our shop. These materials are offered with no minimum quantity restriction for end customers and resellers.

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Lingerie material:

Lingerie packages and haberdashery packages facilitate the experienced seamstress selecting or compiling the color-coordinated haberdashery, lace, fabrics and technical materials.

List of all the materials.

In our shop you will finde a wide range of lingerie material in various colors.

Lingerie packages for a bra and two briefs

  • Lingerie package Starter
  • Lingerie package Exklusive
  • Lingerie package Rubens

Material package for our pattern

  • Hüftslip Milano
  • Hüftstring Rio de Janeiro
  • Hipster Luxembourg
  • Bra Athen
  • Bra Mayence
  • Slip Boston
  • Slip Versailles
  • Slip Sydney

Spitzen und Spitzenbänder

  • Elastic lace in the widths of 1 cm to> 32 cm
  • Lace app.  140 cm wide
  • Embroidery
  • Tuelle lace
  • Ätzspitzen


  • Bielastic lingerie fabrics
  • Elastic cotton fabrics (elasthane  > 8%)
  • Corsettfabricse (Coutils)
  • Elastic silk fabrics
  • Elast. and non elastic tuelle

Haberdashery for lingerie

  • Tunneling
  • bone casing
  • Shoulder Straps 5 mm to 32 mm
  • Ring and slider matching the shoulder straps
  • Accessoires ( bows, Röschen, pearls, Swarowski usw.)
  • Yarns for lingerie
  • needle for sewing machines
  • Federstäbchen u. Spiralfedern (abgelängt und Meterware)
  • Plush elastic / Trimmings with and without picot from 5mm till 32mm ,  also with Silicon
  • Closure for bar, Corsage and Body
  • Fold over elastic, Waistband elastic, ‘Dekollete’ elastic, elastic with silicon
  • ‘Charmeuse’ ribbon
  • Bra wires from 60C till 130A
  • Garter Belt Accessories

Technical material

  • Powernet
  • Gusset lining
  • Charmeuse
  • Interlining to iron
  • Tuelle
  • Laminate / laminated foam in several strengthen
  • Lining for lingerie (Wing, Gore and Cup)


  • Pattern for lingerie
Materials for swimwear:

We are sellig several fabrics and elastics to produce Swimwear. This materials are speziel handled to be resistent against salz- and chlowater.

  • printed swimwear fabric
  • unicolored swimwear fabric
  • Couponware
  • textile free swimwear elastic 5mm till 19mm
  • Lining for swimwear
  • Yarn for swimwear
  • needle for sewing machines
  • Laminat for swimwear
  • Bikini closure 10mm till 60mm
  • Accessories


  • Pattern for swimwear
Materialsfor Corests:

Besides for the sewing absolute nessesary coutil we sell all other needed materials.

  • Wigona closures / busk
  • Spoon busk
  • Bone casing
  • White steel boning continious
  • White steel boning pre-cut lengths
  • Spiral steel boning continious
  • Spiral steel boning pre-cut lengths
  • Boning tips 5mm till 11mm
  • Grommets and washers
  • Grommet Setting Tools
  • Tools
  • Corset laces continious and pre-cut lengths with needle


  • Pattern for corsets
Spareparts for Lingerie ans Swimwear:

We sell spare for brocken and lost Brawires . Explanation spareparts lingerie.

Further more you can find spare for your broken bikini closure. You will be surprised of the large selection of closures in metal or plastic. LINK

Ring and Slider broken, no problem. Just replace them with an neutral ring or slider in metal (silver or gold) or find a new in colour matching to the broken one, in our large selection. LINK.

Looking for a Bra extension not only in white, black or skin. In the color of your bra you will find them here. LINK.